Anne Banas Fraisier Cake
Chef Anne Banas - Sweet Source

Created by travel editor and pastry chef Anne Banas (a.k.a. Editor-in-Chef), Sweet Source is a portfolio of culinary travel stories and a recipe-crafting “test kitchen,” all with one main goal: To connect you to the “source” of authentic food around the world.

Sweet Source embodies the idea that much of the world’s cuisine world is inextricably linked to a specific place—whether a particular region, restaurant, shop, field, or grandmother’s kitchen. And, my goal is to unveil the stories behind each dish or ingredient, bringing them to you in the form of recipes you can follow or articles that ignite your own travel passions.

Whether it's the "source" of my inspiration or the actual ingredients I use, I’m obsessed with the origin of things. And much of what I create tastes pretty sweet, too.

In the Kitchen:

My “test kitchen” is where I experiment, either recreating traditional recipes I’ve discovered through my travels or using them as inspiration to invent something new, offering you a taste and sense of place without having to board an airplane.

It’s a space for creative expression, trial and error, and moments of unbridled ecstasy when a new dish comes together for the very first time. And yes, there’s usually plumes of flour in the air and sugar on the floor (at least while I’m cooking).

Around the Globe:

When it comes to actual travel, I believe that food is one of the most authentic and rewarding ways to immerse in, connect with, and enjoy a local culture. As a traveler, you get to venture beyond the tired tourist track and support the local community, all while expanding your palate.

I highlight ways to do just that by reporting on culinary destinations, chefs, farmers, and artisan producers who are doing amazing—and sustainable—things with food around the world. Whether they honor long-held traditions or herald new innovations, they have great stories to tell. And I want to lead you to where you can experience them all, from seeing how the local cuisine is made and walking in the fields to touring markets, discovering hidden restaurants, and above all, eating, drinking, and then doing it all over again.

Ultimately, though Sweet Source, I hope my travel stories and recipes will inspire you to explore the world through food, whether by flying off to a faraway place or by pulling out your stand mixer.
                                                                                                             Anne Banas, Editor-in-Chef

Recipes always seem to be works in progress as different ovens and cooks have varying results. I would love to hear your feedback and suggestions. Was a cooking time off? Did you wind up adding more chocolate (who wouldn’t)? Was a step not as clear as it could be?

Please feel free to leave helpful, constructive comments on the recipes. And if you’d like to become a recipe tester, email me at